overwhelmed trying to get 
data and documents from clients?

automate your fact find processes online with BROKERPAD!
save 3 to 5 hours per deal!

Hi, I'm David Anderson,

one of the mortgage brokers who worked with the Brokerpad team to create their online platform to help mortgage brokers save time and money.
Brokerpad was born out of frustration with the loan application process. For years I wasted a lot of time driving across town for client fact find meetings.
It was also a hassle to mess around with paper forms or PDF files and a string of emails. I often had delays in getting documentation from clients and most of it was inaccurate or incomplete.
Apart from the sheer frustration of dealing with these hassles on a daily basis, it was seriously impacting my earning capacity. I was wasting time that could be better spent seeing more clients and writing more loans.
It was exciting when Brokerpad was launched. Brokerpad has automated my fact find process and literally transformed my business.
The client sign up process is now a breeze… I am able to write more loans and I’ve got back my sanity!
Now after qualifying a new client, I just email them a link to the Brokerpad online Fact Finder. The client simply clicks on the link to fill in their information and they upload the documents that I have specified.
Brokerpad enables me to get most of the information and documents I need before meeting with clients. The meeting is now focused on building rapport, providing valuable product advice and structuring their loans.
You can try Brokerpad for free and see the significant difference it will make to your business and your life.
PS: One of the added benefits of using Brokerpad … it filters out tyre-kickers and rate shoppers before they waste your valuable time.
PPS: If you have an assistant, they will love Brokerpad as it will save them hours of data entry and follow up … an estimated 3-5 hours per deal
How Brokerpad will transform your business
  •  Say goodbye to paper-based fact finds.
  •  Save hours of wasted time stuck in traffic driving to fact find meetings.
  •  Avoid awkward client fact-find meetings and focus on products and building rapport.
  •  Filter out tyre-kickers and rate-shoppers with a single email
  •  Automate the renaming and collation of client documents.
  •  Save hours of tedious data entry.
Real mortgage brokers tell how Brokerpad has transformed their businesses.
"Brokerpad was a game changer for me. I hardly do any home visits now. Now I just send out a link, they fill it in online, and then we do the deal over lunch at a cafe."

Mitch Tilbrook - Reality Home Loans
"Clients used to struggle filling out paper fact finds or PDFs. Brokerpad makes it easy for my clients and now they give me much more complete information."

Victor Lagos -Tachyon Finance
"I've tried all other fact find methods.  
After using Brokerpad I wouldn't go back.  
I couldn't do my job without it."

Andrew Woods - AML
"I've found a huge increase in efficiency from using Brokerpad. You're crazy not to use it."

PJ Patterson - Keystone Financial
Brokerpad Pricing
After your free 30-day trial
Brokerpad Premium
PER MONTH (including GST)
  • Secure online fact find for clients
  • Manages client data online 
  • Repeat clients don’t need to re-enter data. 
  • Produces detailed client reports 
  • NCCP compliance questions 
  • Customise colours and images
  • Personalised intro video
  • Your logo & contact details on every page
Brokerpad Pro
PER MONTH (including GST)
  • All Premium features, PLUS:​​
  • Eliminates data entry by uploading client data and docs to Mercury 
  • Auto-populates new Opportunities and Clients, or updates existing ones in Mercury
  • Populates Client Needs Analysis (CNA). (No need to send separate link)
  • Full ‘Client to Broker to Bank’ Functionality
info@brokerpad.com.au  |  02-8766-0463
549 Willoughby Road, Willoughby, NSW, 2608
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